Product Selection

We have the following services available through ourselves or outside associates.

  • Site Visits / Supervision
  • Review of planning permission files.
  • Review of existing systems.
  • Service Contracts.
  • Installation of Products.

Mechanical Aeration Units

We offer mechanical aeration units in different models and formats.

We have a range of prices and pipe invert levels available.

The products are certified for use in Ireland by the appropriate bodies.

We offer top quality products at competitive prices.

Intermittent Filters

We offer a range of intermittent filters. Our filters are comprised of different materials.

We have sand filters and peat filters available.

Rainwater Harvesting Products.

We have in our range rainwater harvesting systems. These items harvest rainwater from your roof into a storage tank which supplies the water to your home. With the introduction of water charges this is now a very viable purchase.

Pump Stations.

Our range includes pump stations for pumping raw sewage to sewers, rainwater to drains and gulleys and final effluent to polishing filters. Contact us if you have any requirements for these technical products.

Seperator’s and Interceptor’s.

We supply a range of Silt, Oil and Fuel separators and interceptors. Contact us if you are in the market for any of these items.

Non-returnable Valves .

We carry a unique product which is a non-returnable valve for 100mm pipe-work.

This product will keep vermin from entering houses which have not yet been occupied, through sewer pipe-work

Contact us if this product is of interest to you.

Product Selection.

At point of sale we offer a site visit from an environmental expert who will go through either your planning file and select the correct product from it, if you are a client who has not recently had a planning permission granted, for example older houses from the pre planning era we offer a percolation test / site assessment which includes a correct, up to standard and insured design for your on site sewer system.

We have the following services available through ourselves or outside associates.

Site Visits.

  1. Review of planning permission files.
  2. Review of existing systems.
  3. Service Contracts.
  4. Installation of Products.

Feel free to contact us through the form below for any information you require or to request a quotation or site visit.


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